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Diverse Collections in Victoria's Public Galleries

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Today we are featuring four new stories that highlight the diversity of Victoria's public gallery collections. Developed by the Public Galleries Association of Victoria and the Geelong Gallery, Art Gallery of Ballarat, Ararat Regional Art Gallery and Gippsland Art Gallery, these stories reveal how the art collections came to be, the breadth of themes covered by these regional galleries and their significant collections. See twenty key works from each collection alongside a film interview with gallery directors and curators.


Paintings, Porcelain & Photography


Painting with landscape, mountains, water, clouds.
View of Geelong, painting by Eugene von Guerard, c1856. Geelong Gallery Collection.


This story highlights key works from Geelong Gallery and the focus areas of the collection. The gallery’s collection of Australian painting tells the history of the region from colonial times to the early twentieth century.  Geelong Gallery also has a large and specialised collection of British painted porcelain spanning 1750 – 1850 and a growing contemporary photography collection.


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An Art History of Australia



Ceremony, watercolour by William Barak, c1895. Art Gallery of Ballarat Collection.


Established in 1884, the Art Gallery of Ballarat is the oldest and largest regional gallery in Australia. The gallery has a significant collection of artwork acquired over the last 120 years, telling an art history of Australia. A short film featuring interviews with gallery staff about key works in the collection helps to bring Australian art history to life.


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Textiles and Fibre Art


Orange fabric hammock
Hammock, textile by John Corbett, 1974. Ararat Regional Art Gallery Collection.


Established in 1968, Ararat Regional Art Gallery has a unique collection of textiles and fibre art dating from the 1970’s up to today. Ararat Regional Art Gallery’s collection provides an invaluable history of textiles and fibre arts, and in doing so, it maps the influential role fibre and textiles have played in extending the boundaries both of visual art and social parameters.


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The Australian Environment


Blackened landscape with orange fire
Landscape with Fire and Comet, painting by Peter Booth, 1992. Gippsland Art Gallery Collection.


The Gippsland Art Gallery holds a significant collection that depicts and interprets different states of the Australian environment. The beauty and power of these changes, both physically and psychologically, are demonstrated by a range of works by Australian artists featured in the gallery's permanent collection.


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